compost screen

The revolving drum screen is available as a stationary unit with a diameter of 2 metres.The customer can choose between two different lengths of 4.5 and 6 metres.A special feature of this screen is that the screen segments can be replaced every 1.5 metres.

It is also possible to combine various mesh sizes into one drum screen.You can therefore screen multiple fractions in one screening process.



The following versions are available as standard screen sizes:

  • Screen 10x10 mm, made of Ø4 mm, corrugated, spring steel mesh
  • Screen 15x15 mm square perforation, 4 mm
  • Screen 15x15 mm square perforation, 5mm
  • Screen 20x20 mm square perforation, 4 mm
  • Screen 20x20 mm square perforation, 5mm
  • Screen 25x25 mm square perforation, 4 mm
  • Screen 25x25 mm square perforation, 5mm
  • Screen 35x35 mm square perforation, 4 mm
  • Screen 35x35 mm square perforation, 5mm


revolving compost screen


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