compost turner AK / TAK

Types AK and TAK are those most frequently found in agricultural composting, since such operations are generally always equipped with tractors.

Tractors must be equipped with a super crawler gear for the AK.
Tractors need not be equipped with a super crawler gear for the TAK.

Both types of machine are distinguished by the following features:

  • Working widths of 2.5, 3.0, 3.3 metres
  • Channel height 1.7 metres
  • Two turning roller diameters of 720 mm and 850 mm for different materials


IWK Compost Turner AK

IWK Compost Turner AK transmission controll

IWK Compost Turner AK rubber curtains
Articulated drawbar for optimum working height adjustment (standard equipment)

Brake axle and lighting in various versions (option)
Oversized transmission and cardan shafts from Walterscheid with overload protection (standard equipment)

Generously dimensioned rubber curtains to protect your tractor (standard equipment)

External control console for tractors with few control units (option)
IWK Compost Turner AK turning roller

Turning roller
Shorter rotting times thanks to continuous shredding of the material, enabling a higher annual throughput for your plant.
For high-quality compost thanks to perfect mixing of the stack and mixing in of the edge zones. Suitable for all types of material, including unchopped brushwood.
Perfectly shaped stacks enhance the appearance of your plant.

Tools made from special steel for a long service life, allowing you to make savings in running costs. Low power requirements for less strain on the tractor, machinery, fuel, environment and your wallet.


IWK Compost Turner AK tailgate

IWK Compost Turner AK stabiliser wheel

IWK Compost Turner AK haight adjustable wheel
Tailgate which is closed at the start of the stack, so that you do not need to pile up the ends with the loader (standard equipment) Height-adjustable stabiliser wheel (standard equipment) Hydraulically driven, height-adjustable stabiliser wheel (option)
IWK Compost Turner AK hourmeter IWK Compost Turner AK fleece roller IWK Compost Turner AK stake watering
Hour meter (option)

Fleece roller for winding up and unwinding (option)

Stack watering (option)

Watering tank or bacteria tank (option)



betongewicht Concrete weights for safe road driving (standard equipment)

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