Fire brigade hose lift

For loads of 100kg to 500kg
With reaches of 900mm to 1500mm

For drying and subsequent winding of the hoses, we manufacture hose lifts with an integrated winding mechanism. This makes it possible for one person to make the hoses ready and put them away. The lifting swing arm is designed to move heavy loads securely in confined spaces.




Length and width

Max. number of hoses

SAZ 20

2000 x 2300 mm

20 Schläuche

SAZ 30

2600 x 2400 mm

30 Schläuche

SAZ 40

3300 x 2600 mm

40 Schläuche

We also supply:

  • Electric control unit
  • Installation of the hose lift
  • Roller doors for the hose tower with an electric motor and installation

The minimum height should be 11,5 metres.
Installation of the hose lift is possible on a side wall or the rear wall.

Our Managing Director would be pleased to provide you with further information.


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